clj-firmata 1.1.0 Released

16 Apr 2014

Following very hot on the footsteps of 1.0.0 (which I skipped announcing due to failingto properly sign it on Clojars), clj-firmata 1.1.0 is now available. This is a backward compatible release.

New Features

  • added reset-board! to send the reset command to the board
  • added version and firmware
  • added firmata.shift for operating with shift registers
  • added arduino-map, arduino-constrain and to-voltage to firmata.utils


  • On opening the board, the version and firmware are read off the serial port and saved to the board state. This allows the board to "settle" and then all messages sent to the board are properly accepted.

The 1.0.0 Release included:

  • complete Firmata protocol
  • updated dependencies
  • thread-safe use of the serial connection to the board
  • firmata.receiver namespace for convenient event handling
  • better use of core.async for routing events
  • replaced defrecord uses with protocols and reify

The source can be found here and samples.

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