ClojureScript Testing on Node.js

07 Nov 2014

I've been working on and off adding ClojureScript support to clj-firmata on Node.js. Through the use of cljx, and the fact that core.async supports both environments, the conversiont process was actually pretty smooth. All save one particular area: unit tests.

There is a great port of clojure test, which does that job very well (though, converting tests that were synchronous-blocking to asyncronous is quite a bit harder). Where I struggled was finding the correct settings to get things to run at all.

The following lein project configuration works for tests:

cljsbuild {:builds [{:id "test"
                     :source-paths ["src/cljs" "test/cljs" "target/classes" "target/test-classes"]
                     :compiler {:output-to   "target/testable.js"
                                :output-dir  "target/test-js"
                                :target :nodejs
                                :optimizations :simple
                                :hashbang false}}]
           :test-commands {"unit-tests" ["node" :node-runner

The kicker, in the end, was the :hashbang false setting. This would cause the test run to fail with the message ERROR: cemerick.cljs.test was not required..

Also, debuging is rather horrific. Source-map support does not work when testing (it results in the same message).

Still, as a TDD developer, it's quite important to see the green bar.

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