clj-firmata 2.0.0 Released

14 Nov 2014

Announcing the 2.0.0 Release of clj-firmata.

This is a huge release in that it both supports connecting to Firmata devices over arbitrary TCP sockets, it also is now available in ClojureScript on Node.js.

Major Changes

  • Update Libraries to Clojure 1.6 (Issue #9)
  • ClojureScript Support on Node.js (Issue #4)
  • Connect to Firmata devices over TCP/IP (Issue #1)

Minor Changes

  • Allow for Firmata protocol extension (Issue #6)
  • Configurable High/Low return values (Issue #7)

Breaking changes

  • Removed firmata.shift (Moved to partsbox)
  • Some API name changes (e.g. open-board -> open-serial-board)

Thanks to blakejakopovic for design input and testing help.

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