(Almost) Packed and Ready

21 Sep 2013

I'm headed off to Morocco, via Spain, tomorrow night. There will be the usual site-seeing and picture-snapping at first, maybe a soccer match if we can swing it. The whole trip will be capped with a bicycle ride Ouarzazate to Merzouga - 200-plus miles, over 4 days.

Being in shape not with standing, I need to pack light.

After spending 3 weeks in Japan with a weekend bag, I've no worries about packing the right things. The considerations are complicated more by the addition of the cycling. This added items I wouldn't normally take, like a first-aid kit and the GoPro (yes, I hope there is video). It also ended up removing items - no three-piece suit, for starters.

Another limitation I'm imposing on myself: minimal amount of gadgets. My DLSR has been slowly dying, so this led me to think "why take as few items as possible". One personal camera, one GoPro to pass around, and a small tablet for all things email/web/books/blogging/tweeting. Lightweight, indeed.

All this resulted in the following:


The packing list features

  • A first-aid kit (large, since I'm bringing it for the whole group)
  • 1 pair of convertible pants
  • 1 Button down shirt (black
  • 3 T-shirts (mostly grey and black - I realize these don't show up well)
  • Biking shorts and shirt (boy, there's a lot of black here)
  • 5 pairs socks and shorts in a compression bag
  • GoPro chest mount
  • head-lamp
  • Camera battery charger, and 1 Usb charger for various devices
  • bare-minimum toiletries and pack towel
  • Buff

Not pictured

  • GoPro Hero3
  • Canon S100
  • Lightweight tripod
  • Nexus 7

All of this goes into a small backpack, which I have no idea what size it is. For the biking portion, we'll be renting some panniers (of an also unknown size), which in to the size and weight.