Off to Tangier

25 Sep 2013

Today we head off to Tangier, with little more than the bus and ferry schedule.
Already finding that the online bookings are hard to come by, so this will be back to backpacker form: showing and asking around. Should be interesting.

As for yesterday, we woke late and basically shifted our day by about five hours. Breakfast after noon, snapped some photos of the cathedral, more wandering, surprising amount of eating. There is a local variety of gazpacho that is very good, and seems to be the favorite starter.

Something about this kind of semi-aimless wandering feels a bit old. Though I haven't been here for over a decade, the city feels familiar. Partly, this may have to do with knowing little about the city and its history. Everything is just a street or a building without it.

I'll have to study up for the next leg.