Kind of Blue

27 Sep 2013

With Tangier already a memory, we sped on to Chefchaouen. This city is a great stopping point on the way to Fez. Nestled in the mountains, it features a hilly, but very walkable Medina. What makes it more unique is the sky blue paints used to color the town. The color creates a town that feels both beautiful and in inviting.

Being in the mountains, the air is undoubtedly fresher than the exhaust and bustle of Tangier. The smaller town is also feels far less clogged by pedestrians. This will be a small respite before diving back into dense and ancient Fez.

Just a note about my toolset: Github is not editable via chrome mobile, and barely works with Boat Browser. This has made writing frustrating and shorter than I'd like. Nothing is worse than bad tools, when bad tools are actually the problem.