A New Travel Experience...

27 Sep 2013


The old part of town we're in completely blacked out for some periods of time. On and off.  Not a terrible thing, but if you're in a narrow, winding neighborhood, it can be a bit disconcerting. 

On the plus side, it seemed to be an occurrence that had the young men breaking out into laughter and song.  Kids were running and playing in the dark.  The shop keeps were annoyed but still seemed to have smiles on their faces.

I can't seem to remember if we respond that way to blackouts.  I remember annoyance mostly, since they most frequently happen during summer when the city is hottest and AC's are running on high.  Lack of sleep doesn't make me happy about a blackout.

It was warm today, but we made our way out to the waterfall on the edge of town. It was still flowing, but must rage in the spring.  Walking past, we took a trail up the mountain towards another village.  Didn't quite make it, due to every trail we took led us to a field with a donkey or two.  The village would be just in the distance but no further path beyond the field.

Ah well, it was too warm, and we were already almost out  water.  There will be plenty of small villages later.